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Renting made easy, no matter what kind of accommodations you have we have the right tools for you. You can list your hotel, B&B, apartment, camper and generally all kinds of holiday accommodations. Currently we are also supporting free API integration for property/channel manager.

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How does it work

List your property

List your property

Listing your property is very straight, easy and self-explanatory. Just fill up some of the underlying property details, add title and description, upload photos, add prices and finally put it online.

Confirm reservations

Confirm reservations

Once your property is online, you will start receiving reservations from guests all over the world. View the reservation details and confirm it.

Welcome  your guests

Welcome your guests

After confirming the reservation it's time to welcome your new guests. Collect the unpaid amount from your guests when they arrive and exchange keys. Help them find their way around. Give them useful tips, show them your neighborhood and finally write a friendly and positive review when they leave.

Why rent with pillowscanner

Free and enriched functions!
It's free and always will be

It's free and always will be

Listing your property is absolutely free. Pillowscanner does not charge you a single cent as pillowscanner doesn't have any monthly, yearly or even host charges at all. You can list your small boat, luxurious apartments, holiday resorts and any other possible accommodation.

Earn money while you sleep

Earn money while you sleep

You have an apartment, a hotel or even a shared room? Then let's get started! Just make your place ready for your guests and list it. You will earn significant amount of money each month from your listings.

Many useful features

Pillowscanner has a huge number of functionalities which are capable of managing your property completely. You can easily control some important settings like instant booking, same day block, pet policy, dual mode, cancellation policy and many more.

What's next

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Simply sign up and create your listing and you are all set.